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Fiemg System
Minas Gerais

The Fiemg System consists of a set of strategically linked institutions whose purpose is to promote and stimulate sustainable development of the industrial sector of Minas Gerais.

It is a private non-profit organization, financed by the state’s industries from various segments.
Fiemg is present in all regions of the state, through ten regional centers located in the major areas of development, making the products and services offered by the institutions that comprise the Fiemg System available to industries of all sizes and segments,

wherever they may be,. It also integrates the CNI (National Confederation of Industries), an institution which embraces all the federations of industries in Brazil, present in the states and the Federal District.

Learn more about the institutions of the Fiemg System and what they do:

Sesi’s main objective is to offer conditions needed to raise the quality of life of industrial workers and their families and contribute to improving the competitiveness of the sector. To do this, Sesi offers basic educational programs, ranging from preschool to high school, in addition to adult and youth education, and is the largest private network of schools in Minas Gerais. Sesi also offers opportunities in sports, leisure, and culture, develops actions that promote health and safety, and is also recognized for the projects it has developed in the field of social responsibility.

It is present in all regions of the state, with close to 90 units, and benefits more than one million individuals annually.

·   Senai (National Service to Industry)

Senai trains industry professionals through technical courses and industrial training and also offers continuing education courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Consequently, it is responsible for training and preparing a significant part of the country’s workforce.

·  IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute)

The IEL acts as an agent in discussions and integration between the productive sectors, providing knowledge and fostering innovation. Its mission is to provide solutions in business management, innovation, and the management of production chains and sectors for the development of the state’s industries. It operates in the areas of information technology, business training, innovation, quality management, and metrology. The IEL plays a key role in supporting Local Productive Arrangements (APLS), which are characterized by the geographic clustering of companies specializing in one segment. Examples are the electronics, foundry, biotechnology, footwear, furniture, and fireworks centers, along with others, in the State of Minas Gerais.

·  Ciemg (Industrial and Business Center of Minas Gerais)

Ciemg consists of micro and small businesses that are part of the state’s industrial productive chain and focuses on promoting channels of cooperation with the public sector and partnerships with organizations, associations, and agencies in the business segment for the purpose of implementing its actions. Ciemg provides its associates with the products and services that are offered by the Fiemg System and counsels them in legal, economic and technical matters. It also promotes exhibitions, fairs, and industrial product shows.


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